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Mars Thematic Music Videos and More


Music is the background of our lives. Music can inspire, teach, comfort, make us think about things we've never thought of before, or feel things we've never felt. Music can relate to us the full spectrum of human emotion. Music is powerful. Sometimes music is the only thing that can get through and make a difference. This is just a small collection of music videos, songs, and funny ads that I enjoy that are Mars or space related.

I don't agree with all of it, in terms of lyrics or themes, but the music is enjoyable. Some are inspirational. Some are sad. Some are happy. Yes, some are weird. Some are very funny. Some are incredibly moving.





Larry Norman --"UFO-In Another Land"


YES --"Homeworld"


Preacher - "Signals"

Preacher --"Jupiter to Mars"


Preacher Rock YouTube Channel:


Symphony of Science -- "the Case for Mars"


The Fixx --"How Much is Enough?"


The Fixx --"Moving Mountains"


The Fixx --"Outside"


The Fixx --"Precious Stone"


The Fixx --"We Don't Own The World"


The Fixx --"No One Has To Cry"


Phil Collins -- "Another Day in Paradise"


YES -- "We Agree" from Magnification



Movie: Brian Eno --"An Ending (Ascent)" from "For All Mankind"


Brian Eno -- "An Ending (Ascent)"


Movie: Blade Runner - Final scene, "Tears in Rain" Soliloquy, music by Vangelis (HD)





Byron Church and Friends --"Meteorite (song)" -- click on song in song-list to listen


BNLs --"Odds Are"


Ad: Bridgestone Tires on Mars vehicle stolen by aliens!


Ad: Toyota 4x4 Truck struck by Meteorite


The Most interesting Man in the World makes a One Way Journey to Mars. Adios mi Amigo.

Compilation of commercials

Adios Amigo Dos Equis Commercials [The Most Interesting Man In the World]

The One Way Trip to Mars


OK Go - Upside down & Inside Out


Movie: "Gravity is just a habit ..."




Mars, Space, and more:


Frank Sinatra -- "Fly Me to The Moon"


Paul McCartney --"Venus and Mars"


Elton John --"Rocket-man"


David Bowie --"Space Oddity"


David Bowie --"Is there Life on Mars"


David Bowie --"Ashes to Ashes"


David Bowie --"Starman"


David Bowie --"ZiggyStardust and the Spiders from Mars"


Peter Schilling -- "Major Tom (Coming Home)"


Peter Gabriel --"Red Rain"


The Fixx --"Red Skies"


Gustavo Hoist --"The Planets-Mars, The Bringer of War"


Coldplay --"Moving to Mars"


Dexter Wansel --"Life on Mars"


Jeff Wayne --"The Eve of War"


Kelis --"Mars"


Ash --"Girl from Mars (US version)"


Ash --"Girl from Mars (UK version)"


Blondie -- Rapture


Milla Jovovich -- "Take Me To Mars"











Glyn Howard G Found It US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery














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