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The Evidence for GSA and GSB Mars Meteorites

and Relevant Essays and Articles


From the original Press Release 3-27-2013:


"Two key type specimens from the discovery were analyzed, with several collected specimens that are made of the two key type specimens igneously combined, therefore petrologically related. The meteorites have been validated through macro and micro evidences, through impact shock metamorphism affects at the micro-grain level using thin-section analysis via optical mineralogy, with shock levels of (S4/S5). They are igneous Felsic and Intermediate-Felsic rocks from a differentiated planetary body using whole-rock oxide petrology analysis and optical mineralogy. The exact igneous rock classifications have been identified. Oxide whole rock analysis and optical mineralogy have validated the parent body as Mars (using 7 - 9 different parent body validating tests for both type specimens). This discovery represents two new Mars meteorite classes/groups, on par with the ALH84001 and the new 'Black Beauty' Mars meteorites in terms of astrogeological significance and importance."


G Found It - U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery
March 27, 2013


/ Augusta, GA - March 27, 2013




From the second Press Release 9-22-2014:


AUGUSTA, GA, USA, September 22, 2014 /

(Note: some additional links below are added making it different from the original press release.)



The Evidence - G Found It - US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery



Photo caption: GSA and GSB are two smaller typical key type indicator specimens paired with much larger meteorite fragments from the same discovery/find within the same footprint. These two were chosen for analysis as to not disturb larger fragments. There are fragments from this meteorite discovery/find that are larger than the famous Zagami Mars meteorite (18,000.0g/18.0kg/40.0 pounds).
G Found It - U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery



AUGUSTA, GA, USA, September 22, 2014 / -- On March 27, 2013 (Shavuot Bikkurim "First Fruits" 5773 CE/AD) the original announcement for this U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery was published to the world:

"/ Augusta, GA - March 27, 2013 -- Glyn Howard, science teacher/meteoritics scientist, discovered, mapped, collected, and classified a new world record Mars meteorite find with more collected TKW than the Apollo Lunar Rocks. This discovery shatters all Mars achondrite records. This is a discovery of price-less scientific and monetary worth. USA's most valuable collected natural treasures are the Apollo Moon rocks, valued at $50,800/g, with a total mass of about 382Kg. This Mars discovery is more mass than all Apollo mission Moon rocks combined. (Mars meteorites are not valued at $50,800/g.)"

(The court determined value of Apollo Moon rocks and the famous Mars meteorite ALH84001...)
Book: Sex on the Moon, by Ben Mezrich



In honor of this upcoming Jewish High Holy Days ("Days of Awe"), September 2014 Season, Rosh Hashanah (5774 - 5775 CE/AD), Tashlikh, and Yom Kippur, the empirical evidence to prove this incredible scientific discovery is given. This U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery is true as originally announced. And it's possible to do the following three things: shatter all existing Mars achondrite meteorite World Records, prove this incredible scientific discovery that has price-less scientific and monetary worth, and do the right thing through monetary rewards that can help many people through the funding of many important social justice causes for all. Tikkun olam. It's The Peoples' National Treasure, therefore The People are to benefit.


For the evidence, see the following associated website:


The Evidence - G Found It - U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery




Ann Cain, PR Assistant


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Email: gfndit[at]


The Evidence Articles for GSA and GSB Mars Meteorites:

GSA: The Evidence GSA -- U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery


GSB: The Evidence GSB -- U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery


The Gallery of World Record Mars Meteorite Specimens from the U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery



The World Famous "Meteorite List" Archive posts and discussions regarding -- the U.S. WRMMD

(Caution: one must wear fire proof asbestos underwear when reading these posts and have a strong back-bone) (to be published Rosh Hashanah 2016, 5777AD/CE; well got there by Pesach (Passover) 5777AD/CE)


"Misinformation, dis-information, scientists, authentic research, evidence, and the truth of the matter: behind the scenes story of the U.S. WRMMD" (to be published Rosh Hashanah 2016, 5777AD/CE)



Relevant Essays and Articles:

A List of Superlatives for the U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery


The value of the NASA Apollo Lunar Rocks and the Mars meteorite ALH84001, and an Important Comparison to the U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery


Discovery Reward/Finder's Fee, "The Mars Fund", and Putting It to Good Use


How You Can Help Bring "The Peoples' National Treasure" to the Public Attention and to The Media


Mars Thematic Music Videos, and more ...






A long and proper thank you to G-d and how the USWRMMD, "The Project," is all about G-d and not me ...


This USWRMMD is all about G-d, what He has done and what He can do. It's not about me -- Glyn Howard. HaShem Adonai Elohim (the triune nature of G-d), He is The Creator and The Master of the entire Universe. To G-d be all the glory, praise, and thankfulness!


This Mars Meteorite discovery is both an incredible and priceless natural treasure and is all from G-d. It is G-d made by His natural means and abilities, and delivered by His natural physical forces and His natural laws of motion.


Albert Einstein said, "Coincidences are G-d's way of staying anonymous." In other words, there are no coincidences.


G-d has a purpose for this incredible interplanetary discovery. It was no accident. I thank G-d that He chose a simple child of G-d like me to bring this incredible discovery to the World. I am truly humbled by His choice, and it is my desire to fully accept the G-d given responsibility He has given to me, and the task that He has set before me to do. I'll do so to honor and obey His will here on Earth as in Heaven. The USWRMMD, He made it all possible.


My talents, abilities, and all blessings are all from G-d (read Exodus 31). All of our talents and our abilities are from G-d. They are not of our own. I am nothing without G-d. I am nothing apart from Him. I thank Him for giving me all that He has given me.


May G-d's will be done concerning all that this incredible discovery is, and all that it can do. Amen. Baruch HaShem.



















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