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The Value of the NASA Apollo Lunar Rocks and the Mars meteorite ALH84001, and an Important Comparison to the U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery


This discovery is scientifically priceless, that is certian considering all of the superlatives regarding this Mars discovery. However, is it possible to monetarily value this complete discovery? Yes it is. NASA had to do so with all the NASA Apollo mission Lunar rocks (382.0Kg), and the famous Mars meteorite ALH84001 in a court of law due to an unfortunate and infamous Moon rock heist by Thad Roberts and friends, working as college interns with NASA at Houston Space Command's Moon Rock building, Building 31. Read the book, "Sex on the Moon."

From the following two sources the total value in 1970s dollars for the Apollo Moon rocks can be determined. And as well, also for the Mars meteorite ALH84001:

(The court determined value of Apollo Moon rocks and the famous Mars meteorite ALH84001...)
Book: Sex on the Moon, by Ben Mezrich

(An accurate definition of TKW and TKM)


The TKW (mass) of all NASA Apollo Lunar rocks:

Apollo Moon rocks

Lunar rocks and regolith from Apollo Missions:


Q: So what's is all worth in dollars?

Lunar Rocks:

USA's most valuable collected natural treasures are the Apollo Moon rocks, valued at $50,800/g (in 1970s dollars and would be much more today), with a total mass of about 382.0Kg.

(382.0Kg/1) x (1000.0g/1.0Kg) x ($50,800.0/1.0g) = $19,405,000,000.00 = $19.405 Billion dollars!


Mars meteorite ALH84001:

In the infamous court case the value of a small fragment of the famous ALH84001 Mars meteorite was determined, and from this therefore the full value of the entire meteorite can be valued.

The small mass of the ALH84001 fragment that was stolen can be determined from the book "Sex on the Moon" and the articles below. The amount of the Mars Meteorite ALH84001 placed in a small test-tube with cover that was stolen was about 0.8g. This mass was determined by reading the book "Sex on the Moon" and the collections of news articles relating the history of this infamous story.

Quite from the book, "Sex on the Moon":

"There are approxiamently 100 samples with an average mass of 0.8 grams ..."


Perhaps the best book regarding the story of ALH84001 is the book "The Rock from Mars: ..."
Book -- Sex on the Moon, by Ben Mezrich

Book -- The Rock from Mars: A Detective Story on Two Planets, by Kathy Sawyer

[meteorite-list] Four Charged In Theft Of Apollo Moon Rocks and ALH84001 Meteorite From JSC
Ron Baalke Fri, 26 Jul 2002 16:00:56 -0700

"All four were charged with conspiracy to commit theft and transport in interstate commerce of government property, including 53 samples of rock weighing 5 ounces and 165 fragments of meteorite, also weighing 5 ounces.

The meteoritic material included a fragment of ALH84001, a rare Martian meteorite. In 1996, NASA scientists made the still-disputed claim that ALH 84001 might contain fossilized evidence of ancient microbial life.

According to the FBI, Roberts, Fowler and Saur stole a 600-pound NASA safe containing the materials from a laboratory in a curatorial facility at Johnson. The moon rocks and soil collected by the Apollo astronauts as well as meteorites collected from remote sites of the world are stored in the facility for scientific study."


Quotes from articles and books above:

"Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed to value the stolen Lunar and Martian material at between $2.5 million and $7 million."


"The court determined that it cost $50,800 per gram to collect the Lunar samples (in 1962-1973 dollars)."


"The $50,800 per gram in 1973 dollars set by the court is equivalent to $206,000 today, based on data from the Federal Reserve Bank."


"The stolen sample of ALH84001 was valued at $1.8 million based on the market value of similiar Martian meteorites."


"The heist had lifted a total of 101.5g of Lunar material, which McWhorter tried to sell for $2,000 per gram. By comparison, Sotherby's sold less than a gram of Lunar material returned by the Soviet probe for $442,500 in 1993."


The calculated value of the small 0.8g fragment of the famous Mars ALH84001 meteorite held within a small vial, test-tube with cover:

$1,800,000.00/approx. 0.8g = $2,250,000.00/1.0g!

That is $2.250 million per gram for ALH84001 Mars meteorite!


So what's the total value of the entire mass of ALH84001?

Mass of ALH84001 = 1930.9g

(1930.9g/1) x ($2,250,000.00/1.0g) = $4,344,525,000.00!

That is $4.344525 Billion dollars for the 1.930Kg famous ALH84001 Mars meteorite which is a low-Ca Orthopyroxene rock.


So the total value for all the NASA Apollo mission Lunar rocks and regolith, plus the famous ALH84001 Mars meteorite combined is equal to = $23,749,525,000.00! That is $23.749525 Billion dollars!


Therefore, the value of this U.S. World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery is far, far greater. That is a fact. As already noted, this WR Mars meteorite discovery shatters all known planetary Achondrite meteorite records. We have not brought back any material directly from Mars yet, in a sample return mission. Hopefully we will. However, this discovery by far and away will provide much greater opportunities for much more incredible pure science discoveries using the total mass of the discovery. And it will do a great deed in helping many many people who need help. Social justice. Tikkun Olam. It will bless many many people.


That is an incredible Mars meteorite record and is unequaled in the meteoritic world in terms of monetary value, what it can do for social justice, and the priceless value and importance it has for science.




What does it take for a rock to be worth $10,000 a gram? Being from space is a good start




A historical precedent has been recently set. Apparently private citizens can own NASA Apollo historical artifacts, collected Apollo Lunar rock fragments, and collected Apollo Lunar regolith dust and sell them on the open market, even sell them in public auction. This is an incredibly interesting story:


$995 Bag Of Moon Dust Could Fetch $4 Million At Auction

Out of this world.

By Mary Papenfuss


Artefact from Apollo 11 to Appear at Auction

by Sotheby's








A long and proper thank you to G-d and how the USWRMMD, "The Project," is all about G-d and not me ...


This USWRMMD is all about G-d, what He has done and what He can do. It's not about me -- Glyn Howard. HaShem Adonai Elohim (the triune nature of G-d), He is The Creator and The Master of the entire Universe. To G-d be all the glory, praise, and thankfulness!


This Mars Meteorite discovery is both an incredible and priceless natural treasure and is all from G-d. It is G-d made by His natural means and abilities, and delivered by His natural physical forces and His natural laws of motion.


Albert Einstein said, "Coincidences are G-d's way of staying anonymous." In other words, there are no coincidences.


G-d has a purpose for this incredible interplanetary discovery. It was no accident. I thank G-d that He chose a simple child of G-d like me to bring this incredible discovery to the World. I am truly humbled by His choice, and it is my desire to fully accept the G-d given responsibility He has given to me, and the task that He has set before me to do. I'll do so to honor and obey His will here on Earth as in Heaven. The USWRMMD, He made it all possible.


My talents, abilities, and all blessings are all from G-d (read Exodus 31). All of our talents and our abilities are from G-d. They are not of our own. I am nothing without G-d. I am nothing apart from Him. I thank Him for giving me all that He has given me.


May G-d's will be done concerning all that this incredible discovery is, and all that it can do. Amen. Baruch HaShem.






Glyn Howard G Found It US World Record Mars Meteorite Discovery














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